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Return Policy

We Care at Dukayn
Shopping on Dukayn should be a fun experience for everyone. When your package is delivered to you, we want you to be happy!

If the product you ordered does not meet your expectations, don’t worry. You can return your item for a replacement within 3 days.
Dukayn only offers return/exchange with a replacement. Dukayn has a strict No Refund policy.

1. Products that can be Returned

  • Any damaged/defective product that has been delivered can be returned.

2. Products that cannot be Returned

  • Any product with an unverified damage/defect cannot be returned.


We apologize if you have received a damaged or defective item. To return the item(s), email us an image of the damage/defect or printing error so that we can verify the damage/defect in order to arrange the return process.
If we cannot verify the damage or defect through email (digital representation/photographically) or via phone, you will be asked to ship the item for damage or defect verification.

CREO will bear the cost for the shipment for products that have arrived damaged or defected.
For shipping of any product with an unverified damage/defect, You, the customer will bear all shipping costs.
Please note; CREO does not reimburse shipping costs. Before shipping an item for return, please contact our team to discuss the return process, costs for shipping and the return/ replacement conditions.


1- Please send us an email with the following Subject: ‘Return Damaged/Defective Good’ with your complaint (Please send a detailed description of the damage/defect with a photograph of the damage/defect) to

Please make sure you include the Order Number in the email to process the return faster.

2- Next, please wait for an email response from our customer support that Verifies/Accepts/Declines your damage/defect claim.

3- If your claim is accepted, Fetchr will come and pick up the ordered order.
Make sure you have signed the acknowledgment of the receipt when you got the item. Once your items have arrived at our office, we will notify by email with the next steps.

4- If your claim is rejected or declined, you will receive an email with the valid justification.


If you don’t like the product you have received, you can return it within 3 days of delivery. To exchange the product, the order must be in its original packaging, and must be in New Condition. Any used item will not be exchanged.

Please contact our team to discuss how to exchange your product.


All exchanges can be made for products of equal or higher value.
Sunglasses can only be exchanged for Sunglasses.
Watches can only be exchanged for Watches.
Accessories can only be exchanged for Accessories.

About us

Dukayn is an online shop offering luxury sunglasses and fashion watches at competitive prices. All the brands are authentic and certified.

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